Infinity Foundation Is Now Grassroots Trust Central

Infinity Foundation has signed an agreement with Grassroots Trust to create a new partnership, joining under one brand for the ultimate benefit of New Zealand communities.

This new Regional Trust Model sees Infinity and Grassroots collaborating together, under the Grassroots Trust brand; a well-established brand within the Class 4 Gaming Sector and the wider community.

So, what does this mean for me and my Organisation?

  • Infinity Foundation will now be known as Grassroots Trust Central Ltd; with a new application form and streamlined eligibility and criteria requirements.
  • Our new application form can be downloaded from our website from 31 July 2020. We will however continue to accept the Infinity Foundation application form until 31 August 2020.
  • Our authorised purpose remains unchanged and we will continue to support the many local organisations in the areas that we operate.
  • We will be launching a new centralised website where you can apply for funding from both Grassroots Trust and Grassroots Trust Central on 31 July 2020.
  • Both Trusts will have geographical areas in which they will operate, for Grassroots Trust Central this will be Taupo south to Wellington, including Gisborne and Taranaki.
  • If your Organisation applies for funding for a national initiative, you can still apply to both Grassroots Trust and Grassroots Trust Central.
  • The Maxserv Grants Team will continue to be available to support you through the community funding process for both Grassroots Trust and Grassroots Trust Central.

Why make this change?

By creating this partnership, we are aiming to create an Industry Leading, financially viable and sustainable operating model for Class 4 Gaming in New Zealand.

By consolidating each entity’s key functions under one management model, additional costs will be reduced, and economies of scale will be improved to maximise the return to the many community groups all across New Zealand.

The change allows us to consolidate industry experience and knowledge, eliminate competition within the sector and collaborate on funding opportunities, making it easier for communities to access funds.

We’re keeping it local

With this change, we know it’s important to retain your local identity and connection to the local community. The core value of Grassroots Trust, and key to its growth and success is local – local funding, local communities and local people. Under the new model, funds generated within each community will continue to be returned to that community under the direction of all the existing Directors.

So, where do I post my grant application?

Our postal and courier addresses remain the same:

Post to:

Grassroots Trust Central Limited

PO Box 9380



Courier to:

Grassroots Trust Central Limited

C/- Maxserv Limited

15 King Street



What about my audit and accountability report?

Please email your audit and accountability reports to

Need help?

Call 0800 957 960 to speak to a member of our  grants team or email us on