Authorised Purpose

Grassroots Trust Central Limited is authorised to operate gaming machines to raise money for the following purposes:

a) Any amateur sports teams or clubs which are open to the general public and which are affiliated to a recognised or national body and which compete in recognised leagues.

b) The promoting, controlling or conducting of race meetings under the Racing Act 2003 including the payment of stakes.

c) Any charitable, philanthropic or cultural purpose or any purpose that is beneficial to the community or a section of it.

d) All the above includes but is not limited to:

  • The provision of and maintenance of facilities, equipment, services, playing and training costs, uniforms for sporting clubs and amateur sporting teams affiliated to the appropriate regional or national body and playing in recognised published leagues or competitions.
  • Grants for charitable purposes including the relief of poverty, or welfare assistance through donations to recognised social service or welfare agencies.
  • Grants to educational, cultural and sporting organisations for equipment.
  • Grants to recognised cultural or philanthropic activities or groups.