Board of Directors

The Grassroots Trust Central Limited Board of Directors have overall responsibility for governance of the Company. They bring strong business acumen and experience to the Board table; ensuring Grassroots Trust Central Limited operates as a compliant and responsible industry leader.

Sean Hannan, Chairman

Wellington-based Chairman, Sean Hannan has previously held senior corporate roles primarily in the telecommunications industry.  He is now an independent Director and sits on a variety of Boards in different sectors including health, racing and telecommunications.

Sean has also served as a school board Trustee.  He is a member of the Institute of Directors and the New Zealand Law Society.

Kath Grieve, Director

Hawkes Bay-based director, Kath Grieve is a business consultant with twenty one years’ experience. She consults across a variety of industries, focusing on governance, process efficiencies and change management.

Kath holds a BCA in management and marketing from Victoria University and is a member of the Institute of Directors. She is actively involved in her local community through school administration and the management of sports teams.

Mike Knobloch, Director

Mike is a chartered accountant with more than 25 years’ experience in private practice and business consultancy. He spent 18 years in a private accounting practice, 15 of those as director/principal.

Based in Hawke’s Bay, Mike is a director and shareholder of a farming business, and has several business consultancy and advisory roles.

Mike is a member of the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, and has served on school boards for many years.




Andrew Lockyer, Director

Andrew is a International Sales Executive with over 20 years experience in the primary export sector. He is a member of the Pip-Fruit Export Advisory Panel and proudly delivers a significant volume of produce to a variety of global consumers.

A former age group provincial rugby representative and coach, Andrew is a passionate supporter of sport though his participation is now firmly bound to the sidelines.

Martin Bradley, Director

Martin Bradley joined the Grassroots Trust Central Limited Board in July 2020. Martin has been the Chairman of Grassroots Trust Limited since 2004 and was appointed the Executive Chairman in April 2020. Martin was a practicing lawyer for 29 years and was a partner at the Hamilton based law firm Norris Ward McKinnon. Martin is a member of the NZ Cricket Players Association having played First Class Cricket for Auckland; was the former Chairman of Northern Districts Cricket Association and is the current Chairman of Seddon Cricket Club.  He is also a keen rugby and racing enthusiast.